Tiffany is a natural teacher. I observed her working through the Pilates training program, have seen her teaching clients, and have even had the pleasure of taking lessons from her. She understands bodies, is precise, intelligent, caring, and truly a wonderful person to be around.
— Karrie Adamany, Pilates Instructor and Author
Tiffany is a truly wonderful teacher! I have had many private sessions with Tiffany, starting while I was on vacation in New York and visited the studio where she was working at the time. As a classically trained Pilates instructor, her knowledge of the equipment and body mechanics is impressive and allows her to work specifically on weak areas - very important to me as someone with chronic low back pain. She provides needed encouragement when you’re struggling to get through an exercise, and her hands-on approach helps you to focus on exactly what to do. I am so glad she moved back to the Bay Area to set up her studio, and I look forward to introducing my friends and family to her classes!
— Alice Hale, Client
I admit to severe skepticism when first hearing about Pilates—the “it” exercise so often touted by models and celebrities. As a lifetime exercise enthusiast, however, I was also a little intrigued and decided to check it out for myself. Although I have consistently worked out for decades, Pilates has transformed my whole body in ways I never thought possible. I was surprised how quickly I saw and felt results - better posture, more muscle tone, enhanced stamina, and increased flexibility. I’m just a person of average athletic talents, but the effects really have been nothing short of shocking.

After years of working with many instructors, I also can tell you that it is the teacher that makes all the difference. Fortunately, Tiffany is exceptional! She combines keen attention to detail with boundless enthusiasm for teaching Pilates. Tiffany does not just give directives; she engages deeply with you, crafting each session to make it just the right mix of challenging and fun. She genuinely cares.

Tiffany’s encouragement is motivating and will infuse you with energy. She not only has helped me change my body, but also build my mental strength and overall esteem. Even when I don’t feel like “working out,” Tiffany shows up with energy and patience, and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived!
— Senta Fleisher, Client