Welcome to Be Real Pilates. My name is Tiffany Bennett, and I am a classically trained instructor offering Pilates lessons suitable for all ages, abilities, shapes, sizes, genders and activity levels.  At Be Real you can expect custom-tailored lessons geared towards your body's unique needs.  You can also count on body positivity in an environment free of judgements and body shame.  Think Pilates isn't for you?  Be real!  All bodies- from athletes to dancers, strippers, strutters, strollers, students, nine-to-fivers, farmers, healers, yogis, mamas, dads, aunties, grandfolks, and cousins, too -are deserving of the benefits of this dynamic and diverse method of exercise.  If chronic pain and/or illness and injury are an ongoing reality for you, I would be honored to help you find ways to manage and mitigate your condition with an ongoing rehabilitative program.

The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.
— Joseph H. Pilates

Be Real Pilates fully lives and breathes the belief that ALL bodies are Pilates bodies.  If you have a spine, I want to teach you!