What is Pilates?
In the simplest terms, Pilates is a method of controlled stretch and strength.  It is a non-impact system of exercise that utilizes various apparatus to emphasize precision and proper alignment.

Who can do Pilates?
Everyone.  All bodies, regardless of ability, fitness level, size or shape, can benefit from the Pilates method.  

What are the benefits of Pilates?
There are so many.  Pilates will improve your overall strength, flexibility, posture, endurance, balance and coordination.  It creates a greater sense of body awareness, improves brain function, aids in digestion and will even improve your sex life.  

How often should I do Pilates?
In an ideal world you would do Pilates three times a week.  If you don't have the time or budget for that, then just strive to do it as often as you can.  In my experience I have found that two times per week works wonders in terms of synthesizing the information and seeing results faster, but even one lesson a week is better than none.

Will I lose weight?
You might.  All bodies are different, so I cannot say for sure that you will lose weight.  However, regardless of your body type, you will most certainly experience lengthening and strengthening of your muscles.  Your body will become leaner, and your pains will ache less.

What should I wear?
Socks are crucial!  Other than that you can wear whatever you feel most comfortable exercising in.  Keep in mind that depending on the apparatus and exercise your legs may be up in the air and/or you might be upside down.  If you don't want to expose your junk then leggings or sweat pants are a good idea.  Again, your call.  I won't judge.

Do I need to bring a mat?
No.  I will provide everything that you will need for a successful lesson.