About Me

                              Tiffany Bennett - Instructor and Owner, Be Real Pilates

                              Tiffany Bennett - Instructor and Owner, Be Real Pilates

My name is Tiffany.  I am a classical Pilates instructor (Joseph Pilates>Romana Kryzanowska>Sari Mejia Santos>Tiffany Bennett) and intersectional, queer feminist from an Oklahoma trailer park. I am passionate about, and committed to body movement, social justice, body acceptance, community, liberation for all bodies and beings, and Pilates. Pilates is strength. Strength is power!

I came to Pilates In 2011, after dealing with a lifetime of chronic pain due to a congenital neurological disorder.  I finally decided enough was enough and turned to Pilates in a last-ditch attempt to find relief. I was so inspired by the benefits of my personal practice that I made the decision to change my career radically and become an instructor. Determined to learn from the best of the best I uprooted my family from our beloved Bay Area, and moved across the country to begin an intensive Pilates certification program at True Pilates, New York in March of 2012.

My time in the program provided me with an awesome amount of knowledge and afforded me the privilege of working with such Pilates greats as Sari Mejia Santos, Cynthia Shipley, Jerome Weinberg, Cynthia Lochard and Mari Winsor, to name but a few. After becoming certified in late 2013 I made a commitment to return to the Bay to start a studio of my own.  As of January 2015 that dream has become a reality. I am stoked to be able to teach Pilates to my local community and family!